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I’m Ruth Bielobocky, founder of Geenie Travel Scarf, and I started this journey making wire jewelry. One day someone asked me to make a scarf pin and later I thought, “What would happen if I embedded a wire into the fabric of the scarf so that it would stay in place without a pin?” I sewed a rough prototype and instantly knew I was onto something. 

It took years to get a patent. During that time, my crew and I were able to refine our construction process and to find the right materials. In 2020 we realized we had a wonderful opportunity to serve our country, so we modified the design and fabric of the scarves to cover the face. Now you can wear a lightweight, breathable face-covering that doubles as a chic accessory!  

The small American manufacturing businesses that sew these scarves appreciate your business. We hope you will feel a little bit of pride purchasing the Geenie Travel Scarf – you’re supporting our country.