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So, it’s a face cover and a scarf all-in-one?

Exactly. And the less you have to remember when you leave the house, the better. It works beautifully.

How is the Geenie Travel Scarf different than a scarf I already own?

Our FlexEdge technology ensures that the fabric stays close to your face and nose, and completely covers your mouth.  The fabric is durable and easy to wash.

I’m a small woman. Will the fabric overwhelm my face?

I developed the FlexEdge to give women endless styling possibilities, and I’ve found that the GTS compliments every face. 

Is it uncomfortable to wear?

The GTS is made from lightweight, breathable performance fabric. Athletes often wear sports clothes made with a similar fabric. 

Where is the mask made?

In America. We love our country and feel proud to provide you with a protective product made right here at home.