The Geenie Travel Scarf Transforms From a Stylish Accessory to a Face Covering in Seconds

GTS Navy 01 2020
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Shape to Your Face With Style

The Geenie Travel Scarf can be molded to your nose and face with our pliable FlexEdge technology. The FlexEdge is a soft wire sewn into the edge of the seam, making the scarf easy to shape and style. Tighten by pulling gently at the sides for a comfortable, secure fit.

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Look Good on the Go

The GTS creates a stylish look for professional meetings, shopping, and dinner dates. It can be worn when walking, seeing friends, or when attending family events or religious services.

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Fabric That Lets You Breathe

Our scarf is made with high performance fabric, engineered right here in the USA. The material is similar to fabric used in athletic apparel, and is breathable, lightweight, and quick-drying. Generally, moisture-wicking fabric is great for apparel that touches the skin.

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Great for Future Travel

Great investment for future travel on planes or cruises. Ideal for people commuting on crowded streets, buses, subways or trains.


  • Size: 10” Wide x 60” Long
  • 100% High Performance, Moisture Wicking, Polyester Blend Fabric
  • MADE IN AMERICA: Quality Construction

Care Instructions

Easy Care. Use a mesh laundry bag to prevent scarf from getting tangled in the wash. Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low. Cool iron only. Do not iron near FlexEdge.